PlantForm wins Innovator of the Year accolade

PlantForm was named Innovator of the Year by Guelph Partnership for Innovation at the Guelph Awards of Excellence event June 24.

The award recognizes PlantForm for demonstrating that “Guelph has the research, the people, the entrepreneurial drive and the support organizations to compete in the global market.”

“PlantForm is an inspiring example of knowledge creation and transfer, entrepreneurism and the benefits of strategic partnerships,” said Jim Wadleigh, Executive Director of GPI. “It shows Guelph has what it takes to be one of the world’s top centres for agri-food and life sciences, from discovery through to commercialization support.”

“PlantForm is using technology from the University of Guelph to make life-saving cancer medicine more affordable for people around the world,” said Dr. Mark Goldberg, Chair of PlantForm’s Board of Directors. “We thank GPI for this honour and look forward to being a key part of Guelph’s vibrant, bio-based economy in the years to come.”

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New lab opens for process development

PlantForm has established an independent lab in the McMaster Biosciences Incubation Center to advance its extraction and purification processes.

PlantForm also welcomes two new employees, John Teat and Kor Zheng Mah, who will join senior scientist Dennis Yu in the McMaster lab.

Teat is a graduate of Conestoga College’s Biotechnology Technician Program and has many years of experience. Mah is experienced in bioseparation research and has a Master of Applied Sciences degree from McMaster’s Department of Chemical Engineering.

They will focus on the downstream purification aspects of antibody production and will produce biosimilar Herceptin for PlantForm’s preclinical trials. The upstream part of the process, involving growing tobacco plants in greenhouses, will continue to be conducted in Guelph.

Open for business in Toronto

PlantForm has opened a Toronto office at
1920 Yonge Street, Suite 200

for easier access to financiers and other partners.
Phone: (416) 572-7795
Fax: (416) 572-7501

June 2010

"PlantForm has the potential to be a leader in the expanding market for biosimilar antibody drugs. It has proprietary technology capable of making complex human antibodies quickly and inexpensively. It also has a management team with the industry experience necessary for success."

John Connolly,
PlantForm investor
Managing Director,
York Medtech Partners

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Management Team
Don Stewart, PhD

President & CEO

Ron Hosking, CA
Chief Financial Officer

Chris Hall, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer

Board of Directors
Mark Goldberg, PhD (Chair)
Founder & Director R&D
GlobalTox, a division of MTE Consultants Inc.

Jim Rae
CEO, Viron Therapeutics

Warren Whitehead
former CFO, Arius Research

Chris Hall, PhD
CSO, PlantForm Corp.

Don Stewart, PhD
President & CEO, PlantForm Corp.
PlantForm is a Canadian company focused on providing
low-cost therapeutic antibody drugs that fight cancer and other critical illnesses.

Our mailing address is:
1920 Yonge St, Suite 200
Toronto, Ontario
For more information, contact:
Don Stewart
President & CEO