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Antibody production scales up
for trials

PlantForm has retained Kentucky BioProcessing (KBP) to develop a scalable production process to express, extract and purify our tobacco-plant-produced trastuzumab, a monoclonal antibody that targets breast cancer. The product will be tested in animal models beginning in early 2011.

“Kentucky BioProcessing is the best in the world at extracting high-value products from plants,” says PlantForm President and CEO Don Stewart. “This is an important step as we advance towards clinical trials.”

PlantForm aims to launch its trastuzumab (a biosimilar version of the breast cancer drug Herceptin) in world markets, beginning in Europe in 2016. Global sales of Herceptin were $5 billion in 2009.

Research paper validates proof-of-concept in vitro
A scientific research paper in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry shows PlantForm’s trastuzumab is effective at inhibiting the growth of HER2-positive cancer cells.

The paper reports work done in the University of Guelph lab of Dr. Chris Hall, PlantForm’s Chief Scientific Officer, and in the McMaster University lab of Dr. John Hassell, a member of our Scientific Advisory Board.

“Results confirm that plants may be developed as an alternative to traditional antibody expression systems for the production of therapeutic mAbs,” the
journal abstract states.

"The paper is proof-of-concept that PlantForm’s trastuzumab works as well in vitro as the name-brand drug Herceptin," says Dr. Hall.
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Scientific Advisory Board expands
PlantForm welcomes two new members to its Scientific Advisory Board (SAB).

Doug Cossar, PhD, is a principal investigator (biotechnology) for the University of Toronto’s Structural Genomics Consortium. He manages the consortium’s biotechnology and core services group.

Malcolm Devine, PhD, is a principal of bioQED Strategic Consultants Ltd. Dr. Devine has extensive experience in research and development, technology management, and business development in agricultural biotechnology.

Drs. Cossar and Devine bring the Scientific Advisory Board membership to seven. See full SAB membership.

Visit us at Agriculture 2.0
PlantForm is one of the jury-selected biotech enterprises presenting investment opportunities at Agriculture 2.0 in Toronto Oct. 19.  PlantForm also attended BioPharm America 2010 in Boston Sept. 15-17. “We are pleased by the positive response to PlantForm’s approach from both venture capital groups and potential partners,” reports CEO Don Stewart.

Fall 2010

Message from the
Chairman of the Board

PlantForm’s Annual General Meeting was held on Sept. 21, 2010. PlantForm’s Board of Directors was reappointed by the shareholders. The Board consists of:
  • Dr. Mark Goldberg (Chair)
  • Dr. Donald Stewart (CEO)
  • Dr. Chris Hall (CSO)
  • Dr. Jim Rae (external Board member and Chair of the Compensation and Corporate Governance Committee of the Board)
  • Warren Whitehead, CA (external Board member and Chair of the Audit Committee of the Board)
Please visit our website to view the AGM presentation.

New website launched!
Our website has a new look and information for investors, the media and other stakeholders and partners. Check it out at

Industry news
Alethia Biotherapeutics secures $9.6M
Montreal-based company closes Series A round of financing for its therapeutic monoclonal antibody pipeline.

BMS buys ZymoGenetics for $885M
Acquisition strengthens Bristol-Myers Squibb’s Hepatitis C portfolio.

GlaxoSmithKline, Lonza sign deal
Lonza to supply manufacturing capacity for 5 early-stage monoclonal antibodies.

Management Team
Don Stewart, PhD
President & CEO

Ron Hosking, CA
Chief Financial Officer

Chris Hall, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer

PlantForm is a Canadian company focused on providing
low-cost therapeutic antibody drugs that fight cancer and other critical illnesses.

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