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Our Team

PlantForm’s growth is guided by the collaborative efforts of an experienced and accomplished senior management team, board of directors, scientific advisory board and management advisory board, plus the oustanding contributions of our scientists and technical staff.

Senior Management

Board of Directors

Scientific Advisory Board

  • Doug Cossar, PhD, Vice-President, Research, PlantForm Corp. (Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board)
  • J. Christopher Hall, PhD, CSO, PlantForm Corp. 
  • Malcolm Devine, PhD, President, Crookedholm Partners Inc. 
  • John Hassell, PhD, Professor, Biochemistry & Biology, and Director, Centre for Functional Genomics, Michael DeGroote Centre for Learning & Discovery, McMaster University
  • Ken Hughes, PhD, President, Roker Biotechnologies
  • Steve Narod, MD, Director of the Familial Breast Cancer Research Unit, Women's College Research Institute, Toronto
  • Steven Rothstein, PhD, Guelph Research Chair, Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of Guelph

Management Advisory Board

  • Ron Hosking, CFO, PlantForm Corp. (Chair of the Management Advisory Board)
  • David Dimmell, Founding Partner and Managing Director, GENYX
  • Nick DiPietro, President & CEO, Natacor Inc.
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