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PlantForm is a leader in plant-derived biologic drug production.

Our proprietary vivoXPRESS® technology platform, developed at the University of Guelph by renowned plant scientist Dr. J. Christopher Hall, uses fast-growing tobacco plants (Nicotiana benthamiana and Nicotiana tobaccum) to produce a wide range of biologic (large molecule) drugs, including monoclonal antibodies and therapeutic proteins. See products.

Our technology for plant-made pharmaceutical production is licensed from the University of Guelph and protected with patent filings. Two U.S. patents have been issued to date.

Key advantages of the vivoXPRESS® technology platform include:

  • rapid drug development and production timelines
  • high levels of drug expression
  • fully mammalian glycosylation (less risk of unwanted immune reactions)
  • reduced risk profiles versatility (for new product development)
  • unlimited scale-up capability (to respond quickly to increased demand), and
  • manufacturing costs as much as 90 per cent lower than those for mammalian cell technology systems.

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Rapid development timelines, high yield production

Removal of plant-specific glycosylation patterns

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