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Trastuzumab Made in Plants Using vivoXPRESS® Platform Technology. McLean MD. J Drug Des Res 4(5): 1052 (2017)

Plant-based Production of Biosimilar Drug Products. So Kenny KY, Marit MR, McLean MD, Hall JC. Chapter 17 in Biosimilar Drug Product Development, Eds. Endrenyi L, Declerck PJ, Chow SC. 

The case for plant-made veterinary immunotherapeutics. Topp E, Irwin R, McAllister T, Lessard M, Joensuu JJ, Kolotilin I, Conrad U, Stöger E, Mor T, Warzecha H, Hall JC, McLean MD, Cox E, Devriendt B, Potter A, Depicker A, Virdi V, Holbrook L, Doshi K, Dussault M, Friendship R, Yarosh O, Yoo HS, MacDonald J, Menassa R. Biotechnology Advances, Sept.-Oct. 2016. 34 (5): 597-604.

Waiving in vivo studies for monoclonal antibody biosimilar development: National and global challenges. Kathryn Chapman, Akosua Adjei, Paul Baldrick, Antonio da Silva, Karen De Smet, Richard DiCicco, Seung Suh Hong, David Jones, Michael W. Leach, James McBlane, Ian Ragan, Praveen Reddy, Donald I. H. Stewart, Amanda Suitters, Jennifer Sims. mAbs journal, 06 February 2016

Bringing plant-based veterinary vaccines to market: Managing regulatory and commercial hurdles. Jacqueline MacDonald, Ketan Doshi, Marike Dussault, J. Christopher Hall, Larry Holbrook, Ginny Jones, Angelo Kaldis, Cassidy L. Klima, Phil Macdonald, Tim McAllister, Michael D. McLean, Andrew Potter, Alex Richman, Heather Shearer, Oksana Yarosh, Han Sang Yoo, Edward Topp, Rima Menassa. Biotechnology Advances, December 2015. 33 (8): 1572-81.

Plant-based solutions for veterinary immunotherapeutics and prophylactics. Igor Kolotilin, Ed Topp, Eric Cox, Bert Devreindt, Udo Conrad, Jussi Joensuu, Eva Stöger, Heribert Warzecha, Tim McAllister, Andrew Potter, Michael D McLean, J Christopher Hall, Rima Menassa. Veterinary Research 2014, 45:117, Dec. 31, 2014

In Vivo Neutralization of a-Cobratoxin with High-Affinity Llama Single-Domain Antibodies (VHHs) and a VHH-Fc Antibody. Richard G, Meyers AJ, McLean MD, Arbabi-Ghahroudi M, MacKenzie R, Hall JC. PLOS ONE, July 2013

Utility of the P19 suppressor of gene-silencing protein for production of therapeutic antibodies in Nicotiana expression hosts. Freydoun Garabagi, Erin Gilbert, Andreas Loos, Michael D. McLean and J. Christopher Hall. Plant Biotechnology Journal. Sept. 17, 2012

Purification of the therapeutic antibody trastuzumab from genetically modified plants using safflower Protein A-oleosin oilbody technology. Michael D. McLean, Rongji Chen, Deqiang Yu, Kor-Zheng Mah, John Teat, Haifeng Wang, Steve Zaplachinski, Joseph Boothe and J. Christopher Hall Transgenic Research, March 2, 2012

Recovery and isolation of recombinant human monoclonal antibody from transgenic tobacco plants. Mayani M, McLean MD, Hall, JC, Filipe, CDM, Ghosh, R. Biochemical Engineering Journal, April 15, 2011

Plant-Produced Trastuzumab Inhibits the Growth of HER2 Positive Cancer Cells. Grohs BM, Niu Y, Veldhuis LJ, Trabelsi S, Garabagi F, Hassell JA, McLean MD and Hall JC. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, Aug. 27, 2010

Purification of Plant-Derived Antibodies through Direct Immobilization of Affinity Ligands on Cellulose. Hussack G, Grohs BM, Almquist KC, McLean MD, Ghosh R, Hall JC. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, Feb. 19, 2010

Complexes with anti-epitope tag IgGs improve the therapeutic potential of epitope-tagged antibody fragments. Xie X, Weisser NE, McLean MD, Hall JC. Molecular Immunology, January 2010

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