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PlantForm is a leader in plant-derived biologic drug production.

Our proprietary, plant-based vivoXPRESS® technology platform is capable of producing a wide range of biologic (large molecule) drugs, including monoclonal antibodies and therapeutic proteins. See products.

The PlantForm research team continues to advance the vivoXPRESS® system, which originated at the University of Guelph through the work of renowned plant scientist Dr. J. Christopher Hall.

All relevant intellectual property is protected by six families of patent filings, with three patents issued to date.

Key advantages of the vivoXPRESS® technology platform include:

  • rapid drug development and production timelines
  • high levels of drug expression
  • mammalian-type glycosylation (less risk of unwanted immune reactions)
  • reduced risk profiles versatility (for new product development)
  • unlimited scale-up capability (to respond quickly to increased demand), and
  • manufacturing costs as much as 90 per cent lower than those for mammalian cell technology systems.

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Rapid development timelines, high yield production

Removal of plant-specific glycosylation patterns

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